they do not involve betting, the money that is played to the winner is from the sales of buy-ins which each player buys to start the game. Poker tournaments and other casino game tournaments are usually organized by college friends, organizations and others and they also employ the services of professionals in setting up the table and every other equipment. Poker tournaments got into the limelight and became popular most likely by the Texas hold’em tournaments which increased awareness about poker tournaments and also demonstrated to people how casino games are not only for betting and gambling but also for entertainment. Poker tournaments could be organized by schools, clubs and associations as a recreational activity to increase sportsmanship. Poker tournaments are carried out at locations outside casinos and will need the services of casino professionals to simulate a standard casino gaming set up. Outdoor casino games can also serve purposes other than entertainment. One such purpose is fund raising. An organization may set up an outdoor casino game for the sole purpose of raising funds for different causes like charity and projects. At such outdoor casino games, the players would play without the intent of making money and also wager items that they wouldwish to donate without intending to win them back.All the money

made from such outdoor fun casino games would go to the fund raising. Another amazing use of outdoor casino games is sales and charity. A departmental store for examples might be willing to dispose some of their stock in exchange for new ones. Instead of throwing them away, an outdoor casino games could be organized so that people can come and play to win those items. Sales can also be made by organizing casino games, this would involve players paying for a chance to play and winning items that are on sale. Casino games can also be employed at staff conferences or programs to foster a hood inter personal relationship among workers. Organizing outdoor casino games at staff meetings or conferences is a strategic human relations move that would ensure excellent rapport among workers and also develop a reliable team spirit among workers. Outdoor casino games can also foster healthy competiveness among members of staff. A good casino fun game at the beginning of the year puts your workers in a state of mind suitable to face all the ordeals that they would come across that year.Friendships among workers can also be encouraged through casino fun games. Playing casino games with someone else draws you to them and makes you notice things that you’ve not noticed before about them. This is strong friendship.

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